Saint Joseph Catholic Church


Education Page

The Saint Joseph Catholic community has many education resources to explore.  If there are particular materials or resources you are looking for, feel free to contact Yvonne Waits email [email protected] or by phone at 770-422-5633 Ext. 55.

Embark, PSR (Preschool & Elementary)
Kendra Lockhart 
Preschool/Elementary PSR Coordinator
[email protected], ext. 52

Edge, PSR (Middle School)
Kristi Mickwee 
EDGE/Middle School Youth Minister
[email protected], ext. 56


Life Teen, PSR (High School)
Madeline Shepard
Youth Minister
[email protected], ext. 50

Relentless, PSR (Confirmed High School Youth)
Madeline Shepard
Youth Minister 
[email protected], ext. 50

Saint Joseph Preschool
Pat Roberts
Preschool Director
[email protected], ext. 75


Saint Joseph Catholic School (K-8)
Pat Allen
Saint Joseph School Principal [email protected], 770-428-3328

To register for the Safe Environments training please go to:  Virtus Online.