Middle School


 EDGE is a youth group style catechesis and formation program for middle school students. 

The emphasis of EDGE is 4-fold: 
1) Encounter with Jesus Christ and the Truth of the Teachings of His Church
2) Fellowship with other young Catholics so that Church feels like a "second home"
3) Experience of prayer through the sacraments, Adoration, and personal prayer to develop young people's relationship with Christ.
4) Have fun!!!!   EDGE is interactive with games, small groups, activities, service projects, teachings, and more :).  


Service Opportunities for Middle School Youth

Christ taught that what we do to the least of our brothers and sisters, we do for Him.  We know that life gets busy but it is so important to take time out to serve those who need a helping hand.  Sometimes all we can do is give a donation or buy something.  However, we try through EDGE to provide hands-on activities for youth to serve.  Calvary Children's Home is truly "home" to youth who find themselves without a place to go.  They are a Christian, non-government based home that seeks to offer a place for children to stay with siblings until, if possible, they can return to their own home.  We have done a variety of service activities from washing cars, helping with yard work, cleaning out closets, setting up for yard sales, and more.  From there, we have time to be with the youth who live there.  Please consider signing up to help!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020 (Cobb County Break)
Don't miss an opportunity to give back during your break!


Fun Day and Retreat Weekend for Middle School Youth!




Kristi Mickwee
770-422-5633 ext 56
Email: kmickwee@saintjosephcc.org

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Yvonne Waits, Admin, 
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