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RELENTLESS 2020-2021

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Relentless Program

Saint Joseph’s Relentless Program is for teens who have already been confirmed, usually meaning teens who are in grades 10-12, but others who are confirmed early are welcome to join. 

What is Relentless?

Teens who have been confirmed attend RELENTLESS.  Our RELENTLESS program is outstanding, a one-of-a-kind opportunity for teens to experience GOOD and HOLY things.  RELENTLESS events are presented in a very attractive and teen-friendly way.  We mix good discussions, prayer, bible study, and games all together to make a great experience for older teens.  Have your teen check it out.  Many times, teens drift away for a short bit after Confirmation and return to a room full of other teens who “get it” as they did the same thing.  Please encourage the older teens in your life to come back to the church and find the peace they are looking for.  Relentless runs the same time frame as Life Teen on Sundays, 6:00-8:00 in the Life Teen Room.  Dinner is served each Sunday. We also have events throughout the year. 

When is Relentless?
Sundays: 5:30PM is the Life Teen Mass. Teenagers gather for worship and prayer and celebration of the Holy Mass.

Sundays: 6:30-8:30 PM Relentless is an interactive, fun, faith-filled program where teens uncover the mysteries of the Christian faith.  Dinner is served.   

What to Expect at Relentless?
Expect to meet cool people who are kind and full of joy.
Expect to become friends with others.
Expect to learn more about the Bible and Christian beliefs.
Expect to be engaged and inspired.
Expect to be accepted, just as you are.

Who Leads Relentless?
Relentless at St. Joseph’s is run by a team of Core Members who are devoted and loyal to the Church and her teachings. All Core Members have had background checks and have been through the Virtus training for volunteers.