Youth Faith Education

Our Religious Education of Saint Joseph strives to foster the development of a living, conscious, and active faith that includes transmitting Catholic beliefs, traditions, and values. The K-12 Religion Curriculum Guide which is organized around the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:  Creed, Sacrament, Christian Life, and Prayer provides a framework for instruction. 



Our Elementary PSR (Parish School of Religion) offers religious education classes for Pre-K and elementary age kids, to prepare them for their early sacraments and to help develop their faith in our Catholic Church. 


Our Edge program provides students grades 6-8 and their families opportunities to deepen their faith and grow as a community.


There are two resources for our High School students, grades 9-12. For those that have yet to be confirmed, the Life Teen Program prepares them for confirmation as well as providing a vibrant community to deepen their faith.  Our Relentless program is for teens and young adults who still want to learn but have already completed their sacraments. 

Resources for our Catechists

The Archdiocese of Atlanta requires that all adult volunteers (18 years old or older) working with children, youth, and/or vulnerable individuals must complete the Safe Environment training and undergo a background screening before they start volunteering.  As a volunteer, you need to fill out the paperwork found at the Archdiocese of Atlanta website and return it to the head of the Ministry in which you are involved.  Volunteers who do not have contact with children, youth, and/or vulnerable individuals are required to complete the Volunteer Application only.

Volunteers who are 13 years old or older should complete the Volunteer Application with their parent’s permission, and the School Reference for Minor Volunteer form.  Home schooled minors must provide three references (non-family members).

In addition, volunteers must be familiar with the Reporting Child Abuse Guidelines. To view these guidelines, CLICK HERE.