Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Middle School



Special Sacraments Families

RCIA/Baptism Families

Important Dates:

1) Rite of Sending on February 19th at 6:00pm (St. Joseph's Catholic Church)

2) Rite of Election on February 20th at 10:00am (St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church in Kennesaw)

3) Baptism/First Communion/Confirmation on April 3rd at 7:00pm (St. Joseph Catholic Church)


First Communion:

We are looking forward to First Communion on April 17, at 10:00am!  There will be more lessons coming soon, in addition to attending EDGE, to help your children get ready!


First Reconciliation: 

Thank you to all those who celebrated a beautiful First Reconciliation with us on February 5th.  For those of you still preparing, please click here for activities and meeting times for the next few weeks.  Thank you!

Power Point on the Steps of Confession


What is EDGE?

EDGE is a youth group style catechesis and formation program for middle school students. 

The emphasis of EDGE is 4-fold: 

1) Encounter with Jesus Christ and the Truth of the Teachings of His Church
2) Fellowship with other young Catholics so that Church feels like a "second home"
3) Experience of prayer through the sacraments, Adoration, and personal prayer to develop young people's relationship with Christ.
4) Have fun!!!!   EDGE is interactive with games, small groups, activities, service projects, teachings, and more :).