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EMBARK 2021-2022

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Session 1: First Communion Prep

Session 2: First Communion Prep

Session 3: First Communion Prep

Session 4: First Communion Prep

Session 1: First Reconciliation Prep 

Session 2: First Reconciliation Prep 

Session 3: First Reconciliation Prep 

Session 4: First Reconciliation Prep 

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Application for 1st Reconciliation & Holy Communion:
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Application for Sacrament of Initiation for the Unbaptized:
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Kendra Lockhart, EMBARK Coordinator 770-422-5633 X52 or [email protected]

Yvonne Waits, PSR Admin Assistant 
770-422-5633 X55 or [email protected]


Generally, sacramental preparation is a two-year program.  We work to support the parents or guardians of children seeking to receive a sacrament.  The path your child takes will be determined, in part, by their age, their background in catechesis, and the sacrament(s) they have previously received.  We will help determine the kind of preparation is needed.  

Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion typically begins in first grade where children learn their basic prayers, stories from the Scriptures, and encounter the love of Christ.  They will complete their formation as second graders where they learn more sacrament-specific lessons.  Students receive their First Reconciliation during the Fall and their First Communion in late April/early May.

If you have a child who IS baptized but did not receive their other sacraments during the grades listed above, please contact Yvonne Waits in the PSR office.  We will work with your family to develop an appropriate program of catechesis so your child can be fully prepared to receive the sacraments.  

If your child is not yet baptized, the child will be part of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Adapted for Children.  This is also a two-year process.  During these two years, there are a series of rites that mark the stages of formation in which one participates in becoming a Catholic Christian.  The Saint Joseph parish community supports and prays for you along the way.  Details and dates of these events will be released toward the beginning of the year.