Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Faith Enrichment Commission

Faith Enrichment Commission Chair: Laura Fenton,

Adult Formation
Ministry Lead: Laura Fenton | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 53
We offer a variety of training, certification, and formation classes. The curriculum of specialty classes adjusts to meet the needs of our community. Check the bulletin for schedules and announcements. Classes include Christian Initiation and Adult Sacramental Preparation, Scripture Study, Church Study, Parenting, Catholic Book Club, and more.

Ministry Lead: Joseph Carter (9th graders) | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 56
The teens of Saint Joseph prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation within the Life Teen Program. Our program focuses on helping teens develop a relationship with Christ by teaching them the Catholic faith. If you are knowledgeable about the faith and would like to share in this special year of preparation with the teens, please contact Jospeh. The need is always great for this Sacramental prep year.

Ministry Lead: Contact Yvonne Waits | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 55
EDGE is the youth program for those in grades 6, 7, and 8 and seeks to provide an opportunity for youth to come together with their peers in an environment that is safe, fun, faith-filled, and catered to their particular time of life. The program begins each Sunday 1 ½ hours before the start of the evening Life Teen Mass at 5:30 PM. The youth gather for activities, games, talks, fellowship and prayer.  From these Sunday nights will flow service projects, retreats, socials, and day trips away. The EDGE CORE is the group of adults who lead this ministry under the guidance of Joseph Carter. There are lots of ways to help out on a regular basis or even just for one-time events. If you feel called to work with youth in middle school in the area of faith formation, please consider joining our team!

Infant Baptism Program Facilitators
Ministry Lead: Laura Fenton | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 53
Couples with small children are needed to help facilitate this ministry. The facilitators share their faith and offer helpful suggestions to new, often overwhelmed parents. They help parents make first connections into the Church. In addition they assist the parents in learning what will take place at the baptism of their child. Training is provided
. During the pandemic, this ministry is not active but will resume when it is safe to do so.

Life Teen Core
Ministry Lead: Joseph Carter (9th graders) | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 50
Life Teen provides teens with experiences in which they can have fun learning about their faith and uncover the richness of all that is awesome about the Catholic Church. The Life Teen Core Team is the most integral portion of our ministry. The Core Team is a group of adults who genuinely care about young people, their relationships with God, and their knowledge of the Church. We provide training and instruction for our Team. If you feel called to help teenagers grow in their faith, please call Joseph. The need is always great for this ministry.  

Embark Children's Ministry
Ministry Lead: Kendra Lockhart | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 52
A part of the Faith Formation Office, we provide religious education and experiences for children from age three through fifth grade. We also assist parents with Sacramental preparation. Embark is held weekdays and on weekends. Visit our website for more information.

Living Our Faith/Catholic Social Teaching
Ministry Lead: Tom Reichert | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 25
Ministry Lead: Mark Harding |
Pope Francis writes: “Even if many are now involved in lay ministries, this involvement is not reflected in a greater penetration of Christian values in the social, political and economic sectors. It often remains tied to tasks within the Church, without a real commitment to applying the Gospel to the transformation of society.”   

Becoming Catholic – RCIA Sponsors
Ministry Lead: Laura Fenton (Adults) | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 53
Ministry Lead: Kendra Lockhart (Children) | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 52
The RCIA process (for adults) and the RCIC process (for children) provide formation, spiritual guidance and community. Every “inquirer” is seeking a place of belonging. That is where the “sponsor” comes in. A RCIA/RCIC sponsor is a friend who journeys with the inquirer.  Training is provided.

Small Church Community Facilitators
Ministry Lead: Laura Fenton | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 53
Home-based groups of 8-15 people gather weekly to reflect upon and study books of the Bible and the Lectionary readings. The emphasis is prayer, scripture, faith sharing, and service. Facilitators are needed to host a group in their home or on campus. Training is provided. During the pandemic, this ministry is not active but will resume when it is safe to do so.

St. Joseph Catholic School
Principal: Mr. Ramon Villacura | | (770) 428-3328
Our volunteers put in over 6,000 hours each year helping our school. We appreciate all their hard work and dedication. The work of our wonderful volunteers allows us to keep our tuition costs to a minimum. Many hands equal light work! We host two landscaping days to plant and trim bushes, mulch gardens and spruce up the campus. In addition, each summer we paint different rooms to keep our school clean and bright. If you are willing to help, call the school office. No experience necessary—just come with a smile and we’ll give you a cup of coffee and put you to work! Volunteers must be VIRTUS approved.

Vacation Bible School
Ministry Lead: Ministry Lead: Kendra Lockhart | | (770) 422-5633 ext. 52
VBS is an amazing, high-energy week of faith and fun in June. Adult and teen volunteers are needed as groupleaders, station facilitators, and nurserycoordinators.