Saint Joseph Catholic Church

Liturgy Commission

Liturgy Chair – Marla Jones



Ann Wolf (770)422-1752 [email protected]

A group of parishioners who are responsible for washing and ironing corporals, purificators, and finger towels in the church and chapel. Instructions provided. Commitment once every three months! We are in need of a new leader for this ministry.



Karen Holton  [email protected]

Young women and men in fourth grade and up, who are baptized and have received their First Communion are trained to assist the presider and deacon during Mass and liturgical events. The training sessions occur each fall and newly-trained servers are added to the roster beginning in January.



Edda Grant (770)656-9452 [email protected]

This group provides altar flowers for the church, two chapels, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. We also maintain all indoor plants in the church and chapels. We need volunteers to help make floral arrangements, water plants, and decorate for Christmas and Easter.



Dolores Dincer (770)427-4830 [email protected]

The Extraordinary Minister is a layperson commissioned by the Archbishop to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion during the Liturgy as well as to serve the homebound, hospital patients, and the elderly. Attendance at a training workshop sanctioned by the Archdiocese is mandatory prior to participation in this ministry. The candidate for commissioning must fulfill the following canonical requirements: Be at least 16 years old, and have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. If applicable, they must have a valid Catholic marriage. The commitment time for this ministry is two to three weekends per month.



Kim Benson (770)422-5633 x26 [email protected]

Family Mass (a Mass tailored to families with younger children) is celebrated at the 9:00 AM Mass every second Sunday of the month. Children between third and eighth grades usher, between fourth and sixth grades present the intentions, and between seventh and eighth grades proclaim the readings to the congregation. This ministry also utilizes two or three adult volunteers to supervise children in front of the altar during the gospel and homily. Time commitment for participants includes about an hour and a half of one’s own time to prepare the readings or intentions (they should be practiced at home prior to Mass), and about an hour and a half the morning of the Mass (early arrival and Mass time itself).



Tim Cox  [email protected]

Volunteers perform a vital role during the Mass by proclaiming the Word of God. They also serve as Commentators, making announcements and proclaiming the Intercessions. Training is required. Lectors spend time becoming familiar with the readings prior to their scheduled service date. This varies from person to person. Workshops lasting two to three hours are held annually.



Martha Trimbach (770)422-5633 x62 [email protected]
  • ADULT CONTEMPORARY CHOIRS sing at the 7:30 AM, 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM Sunday Masses, as well as other special Masses. Open to all adults with audition.
  • CANTORS lead the assembly at the 5:30 PM Saturday Vigil and 10:45 AM Sunday Masses as well as other special liturgies.
  • CHANCEL CHOIR sings at 10:45 AM Sunday Mass and rehearses Thursdays 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Open to adults and others with permission. Audition required.
  • RESURRECTION CHOIR sings for most funerals. The group meets 45 minutes prior to a funeral Mass. Open to all adults.
  • LIFE TEEN BAND provides music for the weekly Sunday 5:00 PM Life Teen Mass and rehearses prior to that Mass.



Art Renteria [email protected]

Volunteers set up the Chapel, or Church, for daily Masses at 8:00 AM and noon. This includes preparing the readings, prayers, credence table, selecting lectors, extraordinary ministers and assisting the Priest. Training is provided.




Rick Nally (770)422-8574 [email protected]

Our Ushers are often the first to meet and greet parishioners and visitors at Mass each weekend, and are therefore an important part of making everyone feel welcome and valued at Saint Joseph. Ushers welcome and seat parishioners, provide information for those seeking assistance, and help as needed during the Liturgy. The time commitment is one hour weekly. Ushers occasionally serve at other events.